Software Projects

Interface Solutions specialise in creating software solutions: ranging from website development, intranets, online database design and development, to niche software projects, that are simple and effective while avoiding the overhead and pitfalls that cowboys often fall into.

For example, our web development avoids the use of unnecessary code and techniques that can render a website ‘bloated’ or worse still, ‘useless’ on a modem connection. We aim to develop fast sites with optimized images strategically placed for fast reloading. Our menu systems are designed before the website is developed so that the result is an intuitive website that can be navigated easily and that allows your users to quickly find the information they seek.

Using a combination of systems analysis and database design skills, we can develop a dynamic database-driven website or e-commerce solution that can seamlessly integrate with your existing business. Online secure administrative processes can also be created to reduce normal business overhead and costs associated with manual systems.

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Interface Solutions

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