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THERIO Keypad Applications

Text messaging and email are becoming widely accepted world wide as a fast and cost effective means of communication. SMS is becoming ever increasing in the english speaking world. However with the ‘abc’ layout of the current keypads on cellphones, typing messages can be slow and frustrating (eg the word ‘no’ takes 5 keystrokes, along with pausing between the letters, and ‘yes’ requires 9 keystrokes plus pauses!) If a more approprate layout could be found, the speed and ergonomic benefits could be increased, more messages could be sent in the same period of time, thereby increasing telco and isp revenue at a minimum hardware cost (software and keypad layout changes only), and most important, operator experience would be enhanced and frustrations eliminated.

THERIO is the answer. By assigning letters to numbers in THERIO format on the keypad using our patented methodology, greater speeds are achieved over standard layouts with even further speed increases once the operator became completely familiar with THERIO layout. Because it is a layout change, THERIO would compliment any additional software enhancements like predictive text. The entire first layer can be memorised by the phrase “THERIO IS THE ANSWER” with the need to drop to the 2nd layer only once to input ‘W’. The intuitive grouping of common letters and digraphs ensures learning THERIO layout is achieved in a relatively small amount of time and strain is minimised.

Text entry Remote Controls could be adapted to incorporate THERIO layout so you can quickly send text to your email editor on your digital TV without the need for a cumbersome extra keyboard. Passenger vehicles such as planes and trains could be equipped with these keypads to assist with text entry while minimising the keypad footprint saving valuable space in confined areas.

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THERIO is the answer