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THERIO Special Applications

Along with ergonomics, the accessibility created by THERIO layout has lead to a keyboard solution that can be used with one hand. Coupled with THERIO’s ease of use and quick learning time, massive application possibilities exist in the disabled market, wearable text input, projected virtual text entry, Digital TV email keyboards, and a confined spaces keyboard that could be purpose built.

Think of text entry being as quick as data entry, and those are the sort of speeds that can be accomplished once you know where all the keys are on THERIO layout.

THERIO computer keyboard layout virtually eliminates wrist movement for the hand controlling mapping key operations and significantly reduces wrist movement during text entry of the other hand if the operator is using 2 hands. The keyboard layout allows the user to have full control of operation using one hand if desired making THERIO an attractive alternative for the disabled.

The intuitive THERIO layout used enables the operator to access the most common letters in the English alphabet on the first and immediate layer, the second most common group in the second layer, accessible by the DOWN arrow cursor key, and the least common letters on the third layer accessible by the RIGHT arrow cursor key. The home position for your fingers rests upon the most common word in the English language, ‘THE’. Key placement on 2nd and 3rd layers have been designed around most accessed letters and common digraphs (2 letter combinations) such as ‘of, ch, lt, ty, ly, ng be, and ed’. A number of key placements also fall similarly to the qwerty layout (such as u, i,o, k, l, n & m with others falling in a similar position or row) giving experienced touch typists the opportunity to learn THERIO extremely quickly.

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