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THERIO Touchscreen Applications

THERIO design could make entering information into a PDA quicker and more efficient. Using the touch pad, all layers are accessible but are arranged in THERIO format. Note the way in which the letters are divided to form a 3x3 matrix where each square contains 3 characters of the western alphabet. This intuitive layout combining commonly grouped letters gives an unprecedented speed advantage over the conventional qwerty or A-Z layout, and the 3x3 matrix ensures that eye movement is minimized and peripheral vision maximized to aid in letter locating. The distinctive split of letters into the 3x3 matrix is a feature designed to increase letter locating, while minimizing confusion with so many letters grouped together.

Once a user has mastered letter locality, then the Advanced layout feature can be envoked giving the user unprecedented access speed to the BACKSPACE, SHIFT, and SPACE functions.

Again, with a software change, THERIO touchscreen application could be offered as an alternative entry method, without replacing any existing designs as an option to try.

THERIO Touchscreen Demo

We have created a scaled web prototype of an application that could sit on a PDA or pocket PC to help give you an idea of just how THERIO would work. A downloadable keyboard demo that turns your computer keyboard numberpad into THERIO will be available shortly.
Note: This THERIO touchscreen demo requires Internet Explorer 5+.

Advanced Navigation International Numpad & Phone CapsLock Done Backspace + ' / ; , . Shift Space Backspace Grave Accent Acute Accent Umlaut Circumflex r q u i j w o z f e b d h k c t y l n g v a m x s p - r q ù ì j w ò z f è b d h k c t ỳ l n g v à m x s p - r q ü ï j w ö z f ë b d h k c t ÿ l n g v ä m x s p - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Carriage Return 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Grave Accent
Umlaut Accent

To start typing, click on the keys with the mouse, or push the keys on a touchscreen...



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